At MOYOA, we offer excellence and uniqueness while supporting local traditions and sharing cultural tastes.

It is a discovery through luxury of various flavours and freshness from around the globe, brought to you in a contemporary style. 

We embrace the world’s best delicacies through food and drink, offering a high-quality product that takes you around the world. We are here to inspire you, revive your taste buds and present you with elegance. 

They say that you need to taste a country to truly experience it. On a search for excellence, we give you a flavoursome glimpse at countries such as South Africa, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, China and France.

With tasteful wine in the one hand, comes fine food in the other from selections which include: oils, olives, pasta, truffle, paté, selection of biscuits, chocolate, coffee, tea, candies, and much more. These delectable products originate from various countries across Europe, Africa, North & South America, and Asia.

Not only can you find us online, anywhere around the globe, MOYOA can also be visited in Lyon, France, the home city of world renowned chef, the late Paul Bocuse. Lyon is renowned for its cuisine and people with a passion for dining.

Wine is not just any kind of drink; it is at the heart of our tradition. It is inviting, inspiring and brings all our senses to life. We invite you to join our journey, one that is tasteful while at the same time sustainable and eco-friendly to our planet through the use of selected organic and reusable products. 

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